Acrylic mouthpieces, although not produced through 3D printing, have been successfully used since long for the french horn.

3D Printed Instruments produced high definition 3D printed mouthpieces for over a year receiving a very positive feedback and not a single complaint. Nevertheless, new studies on the specific compound used for this high definition 3D printing process showed that it cannot be warranted to a 100% that this material won't produce any allergic reaction or irritation. 

Until new studies or material become available we have suspended the production of 3D printed mouthpieces. Every customer who bought a mouthpiece was offered a full refund and advised not to use the mouthpieces any further.

This regards exclusively the mouthpieces we have produced (made in acrylic). Our instruments (printed in nylon) are 100% safe instead.

If you need traditional animal horn mouthpieces please contact the masters in the field:

  • Matthew Jennejohn (Canada):
  • Ulfert Dochhorn (Germany):
  • Serge Delmas (France):
  • John McCann (USA):
  • Andrea Inghisciano (Italy):
  • Christoph Schuler (Switzerland):
  • Sam Goble (UK): Sam Goble
  • Christopher Monk Instruments (UK):
  • Romera Brass (Spain):

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