SAM 230

SAM 230 is a particularly fine soprano cornetto. To most players it works surprisingly well without any modification or modernisation. It has a particularly bright sound and a very sonorous middle-high register.


Instrument’s length: 573,6 mm.

The mouthpiece attached to it seems to be an original (old) one, and it presents a very shallow cup, at least to the taste of most modern cornetto players.

SAM230 mouthpiece

The only common complaint regarding this instrument (besides the all-closed B-flat, but that is not necessarily a flaw, read this article) is a slightly too wide G octave. This can be easily corrected by making a small modification to the left index finger hole. 

SAM 230 plays around A = 472 Hz. for most players. We have already produced scaled-up versions for A = 466 Hz. and even A = 440 Hz. with great success.

Source of the measurements and pictures: Beatrix Darmstädter, "Die Zinken und der Serpent der Sammlung Alter Musikinstrumente“, Edition Bochinsky, 2011, ISBN 978-3-941532-08-3

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