The end of traditional instruments?

Does this technology replace traditional instruments?

No. This is a new alternative with marvelous possibilities but it will never fully replace the phenomenal wood and leather handwork of the traditional instrument makers. This technology is not a competition to traditional instrument making but rather an element to contribute to it which provides a new world of alternatives and fields.


We look forward for a long lasting collaboration of mutual benefit between the traditional methods and the new 3D printing technology.

If you are looking for a traditionally made cornetto please contact the masters in the field:

  • Paolo Fanciullacci (Italy):
  • Serge Delmas (France):
  • John McCann (USA):
  • Matthew Jennejohn (Canada):
  • Damien Bardonnet (France):*
  • Anddrew Hallock (Netherlands):*
  • Henri Gohin (France):
  • Christoph Schuler (Switzerland):
  • Roland Wilson:
  • Christopher Monk Instruments (UK):

* These makers also offer unaltered replicas of museum instruments. Follow this link in order to read more on the differences between museum instruments and „modern“ copies.

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